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Full Definition(s)
  • query TemporaryCharacterCreateAtPosition([in](REAL)_X, [in](REAL)_Y, [in](REAL)_Z, [in](STRING)_TemplateId, [in](INTEGER)_PlaySpawn, [out](CHARACTERGUID)_Created)

Creates a temporary character of the root template defined by _TemplateId (in a <root template name>_<root template UUID> format) at the coordinates given by _X, _Y, _Z, and returns it as _Created. If _PlaySpawn is 1, the creature will play its spawn animation as it appears. A temporary character's corpse is not saved. This call is useful to avoid very large save file sizes if it is used to spawn very large numbers of characters.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Fails if _TemplateID is not a character template, does not exist, or if the template is not a ghost template and no valid AI-grid position can be found within 5 metres of the specified position.
  • _Created: The character created.
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