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Full Definition(s)
  • call SetOnStage((GUIDSTRING)_Object, (INTEGER)_OnStage)

Depending on whether _OnStage is 0 or 1, sets _Object either off-stage or on-stage. Object can be a character or an item.

By default, all objects are on stage. When an object is set off-stage,

  • it becomes inactive: none of its reactions or scriptframes in behaviour scripts will run;
  • it will still receive events;
  • it becomes invisible and cannot be interacted with by anything or anyone using game mechanics (combat, surfaces, ...);
  • it won't take up room on the AI-grid: other items/characters can occupy the space where the object was located
  • If a player character is set off-stage, the camera will automatically move to another player character controlled by the same user if there are any. NPCs and items near the player that was moved off-stage will also become inactive unless other (non-off-stage) player characters are still nearby.
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