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Full Definition(s)
  • DB_Dialogs((GUIDSTRING)_Npc,(STRING)_Dialog)
  • DB_Dialogs((GUIDSTRING)_Npc,(GUIDSTRING)_Npc2,(STRING)_Dialog)

Defines that the non-automated dialog with the name _Dialog should be started when when PROC_GLOBAL_DialogStartRequested gets called for any of the specified NPCs, and with the specified NPCs as participants (in addition to the player that initiated the request; the player will be the last speaker).

  • This is the default way to assign an interactive dialog to a character.
  • If any of the specified NPCs is not available (e.g. dead), the dialog will not start (even if some of them are available).
  • Defining such a database will call SetHasDialog to enable dialog requests for all involved NPCs.
  • Removing DB_Dialogs() entries again must be done via ProcRemoveAllDialogEntriesForSpeaker. Simply undefining the DB_Dialogs() entry is not sufficient.
  • Automated/interactive dialogs are explained on the Dialog Editor page.
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