Osiris/Shared/PROC GLOBAL DialogStartRequested

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Full Definition(s)
  • PROC PROC_GLOBAL_DialogStartRequested((GUIDSTRING)_Target, (GUIDSTRING)_Source)

This routine is called by the Shared mod for every DialogStartRequested Osiris event. It does this after checking that the characters can hold a conversation (are not in combat, are not henchmen, ...), but before any checks regarding the generics system (such as low attitude).

Return Values
  • You can set DB_FoundDialog(_Target,_Source) in this procedure if you want the rest of the standard logic to find a suitable dialog to start to abort. If you do not do this, the standard logic will continue. However, if you started a dialog involving target and/or source yourself inside this routine, the generic code will still fail to start a dialog once it has found one. After all, characters can only be involved in one dialog at a time.
  • If you only want to set or clear certain flags before a particular dialog starts, use Proc_DialogFlagSetup
  • _Target is usually the NPC while _Source is the player character.
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