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Full Definition(s)
  • query GetStatusTurns([in](GUIDSTRING)_Source, [in](STRING)'_StatusID, [out](INTEGER)_Turns)

Returns the remaining lifetime of a status _StatusID on _Source, which can either be a character or an item.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Fails if _Source is NULL or if _Source is not currently under the influence of _StatusIID.
  • _Turns: The number of _Turns that _Source will still be under the influence of _StatusID, rounded up to the next integer (e.g. if there are 1.01 turns left, it will return 2). If the query failed, the result is guaranteed to be 0.
  • This query is new in DOS2 Patch 5.
  • As of DOS 2 Patch 6, this query returns -1 for statuses with an infinite duration. Before, it returned 0 in that case.
  • See the notes of CharacterStatusAttempt for a usage constraint.
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