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Full Definition(s)
  • (Shared mod) call ApplyStatus((GUIDSTRING)_Object, (STRING)_Status, (REAL)_Duration)
  • (Shared mod) call ApplyStatus((GUIDSTRING)_Object, (STRING)_Status, (REAL)_Duration, (INTEGER)_Force)
  • call ApplyStatus((GUIDSTRING)_Object, (STRING)_Status, (REAL)_Duration, (INTEGER)_Force, (GUIDSTRING)_Source)

Applies the status with stats name _Status to _Object, which can either be a character or an item. The status will last for _Duration seconds. If _Duration is -1.0, it will last until explicitly removed by either script or another status/effect interaction (e.g. a permanent BURNING status can still be removed by making the object WET).

If _Force is 1, normal status immunities are ignored (e.g., a status that is normally blocked by physical armour, can be force-applied to ignore the fact that the target may have physical armour left). If it is 0, normal status immunities apply.

(New parameter in DOS2 Patch 5) _Source specifies the object, either a character or item, that the game should consider as the source of this status effect. This is mainly useful for scripted skill applications, where you want _Object to react as if _Source applied this status. You can pass NULL_00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 if there is no specific source.

  • The overloads in the Shared mod use the defaults _Force = 0, and _Source = NULL_00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.
  • Even when using _Force == 1, _Object may not actually have _Status after calling this routine, because another status may nullify this one. E.g., if a character has the RESTED status and you force-apply KNOCKED_DOWN, then this application will
    • ignore physical armor, which normally blocks KNOCKED_DOWN
    • not apply the KNOCKED_DOWN status, but instead remove the RESTED status (since that status and KNOCKED_DOWN cancel each other out)
  • The duration of a single combat round is 6.0 seconds
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