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Full Definition(s)
  • call TeleportTo((GUIDSTRING)_SourceObject, (GUIDSTRING)_TargetObject, (STRING)_Event, (INTEGER)_TeleportLinkedCharacters)

Teleports the object _SourceObject to the location of _TargetObject. Once the object arrives there, the event _Event will be sent to _SourceObject. If _SourceObject is a player character and _TeleportLinkedCharacters is 1, then all characters currently chained to _SourceObject will also be teleported.

  • _SourceObject can be a character or an item. There is also limited, experimental support for triggers, as long as you do not teleport them out of their original level.
  • You can teleport objects from other levels (except for triggers) if they are global.
  • You can teleport objects that are off-stage.
  • You cannot use this command to teleport players to another level; use CharacterTeleportPartiesToTrigger instead.
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