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Full Definition(s)
  • event ItemTemplateMoved((STRING)_ItemTemplate, (ITEMGUID)_Item)

Thrown under the same conditions as ItemMoved (with one caveat, see notes below), but additionally also provides the root template of the moved item.

  • _ItemTemplate: The root template of the moved item in the format TemplateName_UUID.
  • _Item: The item that moved.
  • See ItemMoved.
  • This event does not get thrown if the item's CanBePickedUp and CanMove properties are both false. The ItemMoved event will still be thrown in this case.
  • There also a corner case in which the ItemMoved event gets thrown, but not this event: if code cannot find the root template of the moved item. This might happen if a root template was deleted of an item that already existed in a savegame. Doing so is not allowed though, so normally this should never happen.
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