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Full Definition(s)
  • call SetHomesteadKeyState((INTEGER)_State, (CHARACTERGUID)_Character)

Sets the state of the anchor/waypoint travel button on the side of the minimap to _State for _Character. Valid values for _State are:

  • 0: the button is invisible.
  • 1: the button is visible and enabled.
  • 2: the button is visible, enabled, and flashes to indicate a new waypoint is available (until the player clicks on it, at which point it reverts to state 1).
  • 3: the button is visible, but disabled. _Character cannot click on it to access the waypoint shrine menu, although they can still use waypoint shrines directly.
  • Enabling this button does not unlock any waypoints by itself.
  • The waypoint shrine button/menu gets automatically enabled/updated when unlocking waypoint shrines in the main campaign (DivinityOrigins). If you only use the Shared mod (in combination with DB_WaypointInfo or not), you have to manually enable the button/menu using this call if you want to give players access. You can have a look at the goal _DOS2_Waypoints of the main campaign to see how/when it is set there.
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