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Full Definition(s)
  • call RegisterWaypoint((STRING)_WaypointName, (ITEMGUID)_Item)

Registers a new waypoint with the game engine. The name of the waypoint in the waypoint list is given by the translated string whose key is _WaypointName, and the object that represents the shrine in the game world is _Item. The location of _Item is where the whirlwind-style icon appears on the (mini-)map.

  • _Item must be global, otherwise this call will not do anything. The reason is the engine supports going to a waypoint in another level, and only global objects can be referenced while in another level.
  • Registering a waypoint by itself does not unlock it for anyone.
  • You can use the shared mod helper DB_WaypointInfo to register waypoints and to support easily locking/unlocking them per party.
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