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Full Definition(s)
  • query ObjectIsInTrigger([in](GUIDSTRING)_Object, [in](TRIGGERGUID)_Trigger, [out](INTEGER)_Bool)

Returns whether _Object is inside _Trigger. It does not require that _Trigger has been registered for _Object. _Object can be a character, item, or another object such as a trigger or spline. In the non-character/item case, it will check whether the centre/"position" (as shown in the editor) of this other object is in the trigger (o/e/; it will not check whether an entire box trigger is inside the boundaries in another box trigger).

If _Object is an item and it is currently inside a container or a character's inventory, the query will check whether the outermost container/character is inside _Trigger.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Default return value. The query will also always fail if _Trigger is not in the current level (even if the trigger is global).
  • _Bool: 1 if _Object, or its outermost container/owning character, is currently in the _Trigger.
  • This is a fairly expensive check.
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