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Full Definition(s)
  • call PlayAnimation((GUIDSTRING)_SourceObject, (STRING)_Animation, (STRING)_Event)

Plays the animation with simple name _Animation on _SourceObject. Once the animation has finished playing, the event _Event will be thrown.

  • We have a list of simple names of character animations and the playable races for which they are available.
  • After a character animation has played, the character will return to its default idle position/state. This cannot be prevented from Osiris. If you use the behaviour script CharacterPlayAnimation call, you can avoid this by specifying 0 as the exitOnFinish parameter.
  • This call works for both looping and non-looping animations, but looping animations will play only once. Animations set through this call override/interrupt looping animations set via CharacterSetAnimationOverride.
  • While not officially supported, you can abort an ongoing animation by playing an invalid animation on an object (e.g., specify "" as _Animation). In fact, this is the only way to stop an ongoing animation.
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