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Full Definition(s)
  • call CharacterSetAnimationOverride((CHARACTERGUID)_Character, (STRING)_Animation)

Starts the looping animation simple name _Animation on _CHARACTER.

  • We have a list of simple names of character animations and the playable races for which they are available.
  • An ongoing animation override can be removed by specifying "" as _Animation.
  • Playing a regular animation, e.g. using PlayAnimation, will also remove an animation override.
  • Making a character do anything via Osiris or behaviour script, such as looking at someone/something or moving around, will also remove an animation override. Note that unless specified otherwise, by default a character will look at any person that starts talking to them.
  • The default character behaviour (DefaultCharacter.charScript) to run away from harmful surfaces also breaks animation overrides (behaviour scripts get disabled if a character is incapacitated though, so in that case this one will not interfere).
  • In practice, it is very hard to keep an animation override going for characters that can be interacted with. If possible, use a status instead, as these do not get removed at random points (or combine with an incapacitated status, but keep in mind that in this case all behaviour scripts for that character will also be blocked).
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