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Full Definition(s)
  • event ObjectFlagSet((STRING)_FlagName, (GUIDSTRING)_Speaker, (INTEGER)_DialogInstance)

Thrown when the flag _FlagName is set on object _Speaker in the context indicated by _DialogInstance.

  • _FlagName: The flag that is set.
  • _Speaker: The object on which the (character) flag is set.
  • _DialogInstance: If the flag was set using a dialog node, _DialogInstance contains the dialog's instance ID. If the flag was set from story, _DialogInstance will contain whatever was passed as last parameter to ObjectSetFlag. If the flag was set from behaviour script, DialogInstance will be zero.
  • If you set an object flag that was already set, no ObjectFlagSet event will be raised.
  • When a party resp. user flag is set, an ObjectFlagSet event gets raised for every character in the party resp. controlled by the user, under the conditions of the previous of the previous point.
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