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Full Definition(s)
  • call ObjectClearFlag((GUIDSTRING)_Target, (STRING)_Flag, (INTEGER)_DialogInstance)

Unsets the (character/item) flag _Flag from _Target. The _DialogInstance parameter is ignored (remnant from previous design).

Return Values
  • None
  • There is an overload in the Shared mod without the last, superfluous parameter. It's easiest to use this one.
  • When a character flag is set or cleared in a dialog, it is only set on the current shapeshift form of the character. This means that if the player afterwards uses the Mask of the Shapeshifter to shapeshift to a different form (or removes the mask while they were wearing it during the dialog), this flag's state will revert to whatever state it had when the player last had that state. However, the Osiris APIs always work on all shapeshift forms simultaneously. This means that this API will clear the flag for all shapeshift forms, including "not shapeshifted".
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