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Full Definition(s)
  • event ObjectEnteredCombat((GUIDSTRING)_Object, (INTEGER)_CombatID)

Thrown when an object (character or item) enters a combat.

  • _Object: The object that has entered the combat
  • _CombatID: A handle that identifies the combat. Should always be > 0.
  • This can be a combat that is still being set up, or an existing combat joined by a character that wandered too close.
  • When this event gets thrown, this object's combat setup has not yet fully finished. This means you cannot yet use APIs such as JumpToTurn on them. You can only use it to react in general to the object getting involved in a combat (e.g. to change alignments so that others join the combat as well).
  • See ObjectReadyInCombat for an explanation about when you can use JumpToTurn.
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