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Full Definition(s)
  • call CharacterTeleportPartiesToTriggerWithMovieRequestCallback((TRIGGERGUID)_Trigger, (STRING)_Event)

Prepares to teleport all player characters to _Trigger. This call will register the trigger internally, and then throw a TeleportRequestMovie event with name _Event for each user. Once CharacterSetTeleportMovie has subsequently been called for every user, all player characters will finally be teleported and the requested movies will be played (can be a different movie for each user). Whenever a player character arrives at its destination, a story event with the same _Event name will be thrown for them.

This call can be used to move all players to a new level.

  • _Trigger must be global if it is located in a different level.
  • Use TeleportTo if you want to teleport individual characters.
  • This call is not used in the DOS2 main campaign. It was added because at some point we planned to show a different movie for each origin character between the Tutorial level and Fort Joy.
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