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Full Definition(s)
  • call CharacterPurgeQueue((CHARACTERGUID)_Character)

This call will remove the currently executing Osiris task and all queued Osiris tasks for _Character instantaneously as if they were never queued in the first place.

See the description of CharacterFlushQueue for information about the Osiris queuing system.

  • This will only purge tasks queued from Osiris. It has no effect on tasks started from behaviour scripts.
  • This call should virtually always be followed by a call to ProcClearMovingFacts. This will reset any state stored by the Shared mod's ProcCharacterMoveTo, and thereby prevent the character from resuming such movements afterwards (since this state is not part of Osiris itself and hence is not deleted by this call).
  • If you wish to immediately complete the queued actions instead of removing them, use CharacterFlushQueue instead
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