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Full Definition(s)
  • call CharacterFlushQueue((CHARACTERGUID)_Character)

If you start an Osiris action for a character while another is still busy, or multiple actions at the same time, then these actions are all queued. For example, you can queue multiple CharacterMoveTo events to prevent a hick-up between catching the event from arriving and dispatching the next move.

This call will complete the currently executing action and all queued actions for _Character instantaneously while preserving their side-effects. This means that move events are turned into teleports, while animations are skipped (but their completion events will still be triggered, in order).

  • This will only flush actions queued from Osiris. It has no effect on actions started from behaviour scripts.
  • If you wish to discard the queued actions instead of make their effects happen immediately, use CharacterPurgeQueue instead.
  • A notable exception of APIs not affected by this API PlayAnimation. An ongoing animation can be aborted by playing a new animation on the same object. If you specify a non-existent animation (such as the empty string), it will stop the ongoing animation without starting a new one (there is no clean way to achieve the same result).
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