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Full Definition(s)
  • call ActivateTrade((CHARACTERGUID)_Player, (CHARACTERGUID)_Trader, (INTEGER)_CanRepair, (INTEGER)_CanIdentify, (INTEGER)_CanSell)

Starts a trade interface for _Player to trade with _Trader. _CanRepair, _CanIdentify and _CanSell affect the services that _Trader will offer (1 means that they offer it, any other value means that they don't). Additionally, if _CanRepair is 1, all items in _Trader's inventory will be repaired up to his repair skill level by this call. The same goes for _CanIdentify and their LoreMaster skill.

  • If _Player is not a player-controlled character, this call does nothing.
  • As mentioned in the notes of CharacterSetCanTrade, this call can be used to start trading even if player-initiated trading has been disabled for this _Trader.
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