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Full Definition(s)
  • PROC ProcStateManagerCharacterMoveTo((CHARACTERGUID)_Char, (GUIDSTRING)_Destination, (INTEGER)_Running, (REAL)_MaxDist, (STRING)_Event, (STRING)_AfterArrivalState)

Uses a behaviour script's CharacterMoveTo to move _Char to _Destination (can be a character, item or trigger). _Running can be 0 or 1 to indicate walking resp. running. _MaxDist indicates the maximum distance between _Char and _Destination before the routine can assume that _Char has arrived. If _Event is a non-empty string, a Character Event will be raised for _Char once it arrives. _AfterArrivalState specifies the state to which the character should go when it arrives (can be an empty string to disable the state manager afterwards).

Return Values
  • /
  • This routine requires that the State_Manager_GoTo character script has been assigned to _Char
  • This routine can be used instead of the regular ProcCharacterMoveTo if you want a character to join combats it encounters on its way.
  • If you wish to force update for the character while it is walking, so it will work even if no players are nearby, set the ForceSynchWhileMoving integer variable of _Char to 1 before calling this routine (it will be set to 0 again once the move has finished, and force updating will also stop at that moment).
  • Preferably always use this routine or ProcCharacterMoveTo instead of CharacterMoveTo
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