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Full Definition(s)
  • event UserMakeWar((INTEGER)_SourceUserID, (INTEGER)_TargetUserID, (INTEGER)_War)

Thrown when one user declares war on or make peace with another user via the UI, or in reaction to a MakeWar or MakePeace call.

  • _SourceUserID: The user that declared war/made peace, or the first parameter of MakeWar/MakePeace.
  • _TargetUserID: The user on whom war was declared or with whom peace was made, or the second parameter of MakeWar/MakePeace.
  • _AttackerOwner: The character that owns the _Attacker character.
  • _War: 1 if war was declared, 0 if peace was made.
  • This event by itself does not mean that any alignments have been changed between the characters controlled by these two players. However, the Shared mod intercepts this event, and reacts to it by changing the relation of the alignments between the characters of the _SourceUserID and _TargetUserID users to 0 (= hostile) or 100 (= allied) depending on the value of _War, but only for characters not currently in arena mode.
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