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Full MakePeace(s)
  • call MakeWar((CHARACTERGUID)_Source, (CHARACTERGUID)_Target, (INTEGER)_IgnoreVote)

Throws a UserMakeWar(_UserIDOfSource, _UserIDOfTarget, 0) event. The _IgnoreVote parameter is currently ignored.

  • If _Source or _Dest is invalid or not currently a player character, nothing will happen.
  • This call does not do anything besides throwing the aforementioned UserMakeWar event. However, the Shared mod intercepts this event, and reacts to it by changing the relation of the alignments between the characters of the users controlling respectively _Source and _Target to 100 (= allied), if neither of these characters is currently in arena mode.
  • If both characters are controlled by the same user, this will not have any effect.
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