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Full Definition(s)
  • call StartCameraSpline((SPLINEGUID)_Spline, (CHARACTERGUID)_Character, (REAL)_FadeTime, (INTEGER)_HideUI, (INTEGER)_Freeze, (INTEGER)_StartIndex)

Makes the game camera for the user controlling _Character move along _Spline. The screen will start black and fade in during _FadeTime seconds when the spline starts, and fade out again over the same period before the end of the spline. If _HideUI is 1, the hotbar and other UI elements will be hidden while the camera is active. If _Freeze is 1, the character gets story-frozen while the camera spline is active. _StartIndex specifies the index of the spline at which the camera should start.

The camera will move along the spline until it reaches the end of the spline, unless it is a looping spline.

  • Splines work as unskippable cut scenes. Be careful to keep them short as to not annoy players.
  • If you specify NULL as _Character, the camera spline will be activated for all player characters.
  • Before DOS2 Patch 6, camera splines do not get properly saved/restored to/from savegames.
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