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Full Definition(s)
  • query GetVarObject([in](GUIDSTRING)_Source, [in](String)_Varname, [out](GUIDSTRING)_UUID)

Returns the value of the variable %<_Varname> of _Source, if it a character, item, or trigger.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Fails if _Source does not exist.
  • _UUID: The GUID of the object stored in the variable. NULL if the variable does not exist or if it exists, but is neither a character, an item, or a trigger (but e.g. an Integer)
  • The variable has to be global. The _Varname does not include the prefix % that is used for global variables in behaviourscript. E.g. a variable that is called %Variable in behaviourscript would simply be Variable for the purposes of this query.
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