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Full Definition(s)
  • call FadeToBlack((CHARACTERGUID)_Character, (REAL)_Seconds, (INTEGER)_ToBlack, (STRING)_FadeID)

Fades the screen either from or to black for the user that controls _Character. The fade will last for _Seconds seconds; the longer this time, the slower the fade operation. Important: for backwards compatibility, the _ToBlack parameter behaves opposite of what you would expect. Passing 0 as this value will fade a regular game screen to black, while passing 1 will fade from a blacked-out screen back to normal. If you faded to black, once the fade operation has finished a FadeDone event will be raised. If you faded from black, once the fade operation has finished a ClearFadeDone event will be raised

  • Only call this routine for one character per user.
  • Deprecated. Use the less confusing FadeOutBlack and FadeOutWhite calls instead.
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