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Full Definition(s)
  • call CreateExplosion((GUIDSTRING)_Target, (STRING)_SkillID, (INTEGER)_CasterLevel)

Shoots the projectile or projectile strike _SkillID at _Target as if it was cast by a caster of level _CasterLevel.

  • Do not forget to add the Projectile_ or ProjectileStrike_ prefix to the skill name from the stats.
  • If _Target is an item, the projectile impact is at half the height of the item. If the item is in a container or character's inventory, the impact will be at the location and half the height of that container/character instead.
  • If _Target is a trigger, the projectile impact is at the Position of the trigger.
  • If _Target has any other type, including CHARACTERGUID, this call will not do anything. Use GetPosition in combination with CreateExplosionAtPosition instead in that case.
  • If _SkillID is not a projectile nor projectile strike skill, this call will not do anything.
  • If _CasterLevel is <= 0, it will be set to the level of the trigger/item. If those are also <= 0, then the level trigger they are in will be used, if any (in case of an item in a container/inventory, the level trigger around that container/character will be used). If there was no level trigger or the result is still <= 0, then the level defined in the stats for the skill will be used. If that too does not exist or is <= 0, then this call will not do anything.
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