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Full Definition(s)
  • call CharacterTransformAppearanceTo(((CHARACTERGUID)_Character,(CHARACTERGUID)_Target,(INTEGER)_CopyEquipment,(INTEGER)_CopyDisplayNameAndIcon)

Transforms the visual appearance of _Character to the one of character _Target. _Target has to be a character in the current level (or a global one), not a root template.

Other parameters allow you to customise whether certain properties of _Character should be replaced by the corresponding ones of _Target:

  • _CopyEquipment: indicates whether the equipment should be replaced.
  • _CopyDisplayNameAndIcon: indicates whether the name and icon should be replaced. Additionally, this also replaces the voice of _Character with the voice of _Target. This is the only transform call with which this effect can be achieved.
  • If _Character is global and _Target is local, the game may crash on level unloads. Make _Target global as well in this scenario to work around this issue.
  • This will also change the voice of _Character to the one of _Target (which means that lines spoken by the character recorded for _Character will no longer be voiced, unless they were also recorded for _Target).
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