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Full Definition(s)
  • call CharacterFollowCharacter((CHARACTERGUID)_Character, (CHARACTERGUID)_ToCharacter)

Makes _Character start following _ToCharacter.

  • Preferably use ProcCharacterFollowCharacter from the Shared mod. This will ensure that _Character's following behaviour gets suspended when it enters combat, and resumed afterwards.
  • Use CharacterStopFollow to stop the following behaviour (or ProcCharacterStopFollow if you used ProcCharacterFollowCharacter).
  • Make sure to stop following a previous character before starting to follow a new one. ProcCharacterFollowCharacter will automatically take care of this.
  • Note that this call does not turn _Character in a so-called "party follower" or minion, which is done via CharacterAddToPlayerCharacter. The difference between "regular followers" (as created by this routine) and party followers/minions is that regular followers simply follow any other character around (you can have one NPC follow another one, if you want), while party followers/minions always follow a player-controlled character and can be partially controlled by the user that controls this player character.
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