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Full Definition(s)
  • query CharacterCanSee([in](CHARACTERGUID)_Character, [in](GUIDSTRING)_Target, [out](INTEGER)_Bool)

Returns whether _Character can see _Target. This call takes sneaking into account. Additionally, if _Character is an NPC or a summon, and _Target is also a character, this query registers a temporary event generator for that pair to throw CharacterSawCharacter and CharacterLostSightOfCharacter events.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Fails if _Character is invalid, or if _Target is not in the current level.
  • _Bool: 1 if _Character can see _Target, 0 if not.
  • If _Character is an NPC or a summon, and _Target is a character, then calling this routine will create a temporary sight relation between these two. See CharacterSawCharacter for more information.
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