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Deprecated. Use StartCameraSpline instead.
Full Definition(s)
  • call CameraActivate((CHARACTERGUID)_Character, (STRING)_Camera, (REAL)_Time, (INTEGER)_HideUI, (INTEGER)_Smooth, (INTEGER)_HideShroud)

Activates a camera (the SpectatorCameraTrigger with name _Camera) for Character. The game will use this camera for _Time seconds. If _HideUI is 1, the hotbar and other UI elements will be hidden while the camera is active. If _Smooth is 1, the transition between the current camera view and the new one will be smoothed out. If _HideShroud is 1, all shroud will be cleared while this camera is active.

  • Only call this routine for one character per CharacterGetReservedUserID.
  • This routine has been deprecated because it does not work if a game is saved/loaded while a camera is active, and the camera focus can be easily cleared through external actions (e.g. joining combat).
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