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EditorTalentName GameTalentName Description Requirements Comment
Vitalty Picture of Health Increases your hitpoints total by 20%. +20% Vitality
FolkDancer Speedcreeper A character with Speedcreeper moves at normal speed while sneaking. Sneaking 1
ExtraWandCharge Magician Magician gives you one extra use of a wand skill. Wand 1 ? (Doesn't seem to work)
Beastmaster Beast Master Allows you to control an extra summon. Summoning 2 Third summon destroys first summon.
Criticals Killer Instincts Improves your chance of landing a critical hit by 5%.
IncreasedArmor Indestructible Improves your armour rating. +7% Physical Armour
Politician Politician Gives you 2 bonus points in Persuasion but you loose a point in Intelligence. +2 Persuasion -1 Intelligence
Lockpick Cat Burglar Improves your aptitude at picking locks. +1 Thievery
Trade Trader's Tongue Improves your bartering techniques. +1 Bartering
Damage Warlord Increases the overall damage by 10%.
MrKnowItAll Know-It-All Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 20, but gives you 1 extra point in Intelligence.
AvoidDetection Pussyfooter Makes you less prone to be detected while performing suspicious acts. +1 Sneaking
EarthSpells Geomancer Improves your casting abilities of earth-based spells. +1 Geomancer
AirSpells Tempest Improves your casting abilities of air-based spells. +1 Aerotheurge
WaterSpells Rainman Improves your casting abilities of water-based spells. +1 Hydrosophist
FireSpells Pyromaniac Improves your casting abilites of fire-based spells. +1 Pyrokinetic
Luck Fortune's Favourite Increases your overall luck. +1 Lucky Charm
Charm Prince Charming Charm people during dialogue. (no Persuasion bonus)
ExpGain Quick Witted Increases the rate at witch you gain experiance by 10%.
ItemCreation Tinkerer Improves ability to brew potions, prepare food, write scrolls. (crafting recipes does not yield more items – no clue how it works)
ItemMovement Spook Improves your telekinetic abilities. +1 telekinesis
ResistSilence Silver-tongued Increases your ability to resist being silenced by 25%. (When Silenced you can no longer cast spells until the effect wears off). (doesn't work)
ResistStun Lightning Rod Increases your ability to resist stun attacks by 25%.
ResistKnockdown Stand Your Ground Increases your ability to resist knockdown attacks by 25%.
ResistFear Breveheart Increases your ability to resist fear by 25%.
ActionPoints2 Rosy-cheeked Increases you maximum Action Points by 1.
ActionPoints FleetFooted Increases you maximum Action Points by 1.
ChanceToHitMelee Gladiator Improves your chances to hit opponent with melee weapons in battle. (no Accuracy bonus)
Repair Grease Monkey Improves your ability to repair damaged items. (no clue how it works - maybe once there was durability on all items, not only weapons)
ChanceToHitRanged Marksman Improves your chance to hit an opponent with range weapons in battle. (no Accuracy bonus)
Backstab Assassin Allows you to backstab enemies with weapons other then a knife.
RogueLoreGrenadePrecision Pinpoint Makes your granade throws never miss. Scoundrel 1
RogueLoreHoldResistance Headstrong Gives you a 20% bonus against being Frozen, Stuned, Petrified and Knock Down. Scoundrel 5
RogueLoreMovementBonus SwiftFooted Gives you a 10% movement bonus. Scoundrel 2
RogueLoreDaggerBackStab Backstabber Allows the character to backstab with Dagger and Knives.
RogueLoreDaggerAPBonus Mack The Knife Reduces 1AP from the cost of using Daggers and Knives. Scoundrel 1 Allowes to infinitlly attack for 0ap with base attack
Kickstarter Kickstarter A character with Kickstarter will find certain secrets throughout the game. (seems to be replaced by Wits)
InventoryAccess Dress Rehersal Decreases amount of Action Points it takes to equip different items during combat. (-1 Action Point cost - Free items equip in combat)
Initiative Leader Of The Pack Increases your initiative by 5 at the onset of combat. (seems to be replaced by Wits)
Awareness Sixth Sense Increases your ability to hear and spot (hidden) thing in and out of combat. (seems to be replaced by Wits)
Reason Rhetorician Improves the ability to reason with people during dialogue. (no bonus to Persuasion)
Intimidate Intimidator Improves the ability to intimidate people during dialogue. (no bonus to Persuasion)
ResistPoison Mithridates Increases your ability to resist poison by 25%. (no bonus to poison resistance)
Sight Hyperopia Makes you farsighted, causing your ranged attacks to be precise at long distances, but miss frequently if your target is close. Huntsman 2
RangerLoreRangedAPBonus Quickdraw Inrceases attack range of Bows and Crossbows by 1m. Huntsman 5
RangerLoreEvasionBonus Sidestep Gives you 10% extra chance to evade hits. Huntsman 4
WarriorLoreNaturalResistance Weather The Storms Gives you 3% x Warfare extra Magic Resistance. Warfare 5 Gives resistance for fire, water, earth and air.
WarriorLoreNaturalArmor Thick Skin Gives you extra armor equal to your Warfare ability +5. Warfare 1 (doesn't seem to work)
SpillNoBlood Anaconda Increases your damage with crushing weapons by 10%. Single-Handed 1
GoldenMage Voluble Mage Gives you immunity to Silenced. (probably work – further testing needed)
Courageous Courageous Gives you immunity to Terrified, but you can no longer flee from combat. Incompatible with Escapist.
WeatherProof Weather Proof Makes you immune to enviromental effects. Geomancer 5 (wet, chilled, burning, poisoned, slowed are applied - doesn't work)
LightningRod Lightning Rod Makes you immune to stun. Aerotheurge 5 (doesn't work)
Bully Bully Gives you 50% extra damage against opponents that are Slowed, Crippled or Knock Down.
Scientist Scientist Gives you a bonus point in Blacksmithing and one in crafting. (probably obsolete)
LightStep Light Stepper Gives you a +2 Wits bonus to detecting traps. (+Wits ONLY for trap detection)
StandYourGround Stand Your Ground A character with Stand Your Ground cannot be Knocked Down.
Durability My Precious With "My Precious" everytime you hit or get hit, your gear has a 50% chance not to lose durability.
Carry Packmule Increases the amount of weight you can carry. (+100)
ResurrectExtraHealth Ressurect With Extra Health Gives 10% more Vitality when being ressurected (stacks).
AnimalEmpathy Pet Pal Enables you to talk to animals.
ExtraSkillPoints All Skilled Up Immedialy gives you 1 extra Combat Ability point and 1 extra Civil Ability point. Level 2
ExtraStatPoints Bigger And Better Immediately grants 2 extra attribute points. Level 2
Escapist Escapist Allows you to flee combat even when enemies are right next to you.
ElementalAffinity Elemental Affinity Lowers the Action Point cost of spells by 1 when standing in a surface of the same element.
ResurrectToFullHealth Morning Person When resurrected, you ressurect to full health.
LoneWolf Lone Wolf Provides +2 Max AP, +2 Recovery AP, +30% Vitality, +30% Physical Armour, +30% Magic Armour, and doubles invested points in attributes and combat abilities (except Polymorph ability), while you are adventuring solo or with at most one companion. This bonus is temporarily removed while there are more than two members in the current party. Incompatible with Glass Cannon.
Raistlin Glass Cannon You start every combat round with Maximum AP, but Magic and Physical Armour do not protect you from statuses. Incompatible with Lone Wolf.
WhatARush What A Rush Increases your recovery and maximum Action Points by 1 when your health is below 50%.
FaroutDude Far Out Man Increase the range of spells and scrolls by 2m. Does not affect melee and touch-ranged skills.
Leech Leech Heals you when standing in blood.
FiveStarRestaurant Five-Star Dinner Doubles the effects of foods and potions.
SurpriseAttack Guerilla While Sneaking, Guerilla increses attack damage by 40%.
Demon Demon Gain 15% fire resistance and 15% water weakness. Max fire resistance also increases by 10. Pyrokinetic 1; incompatible with Ice King.
IceKing Ice King Grants +15% Water resistance and +15% fire weakness. Max water resistance is raised by 10. Hydrosophist 1; incompatible with Demon.
WalkItOff Walk It Off Reduces all status durations by 1 turn, including positive statuses. Does not affect statuses with a duration of 1 turn.
Stench Stench Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25, but melee combatants will find you less attractive.
QuickStep The Pawn Permits your character 1 AP worth of free movement per turn. Scoundrel 1; incompatible with Executioner.
ElementalRanger Elemental Ranger Shooting arrows will inflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface your target is standing in. Huntsman 1
RangerLoreArrowRecover Arrow Recovery Grants a 33% chance to recover a special arrow after firing it.
NoAttackOfOpportunity Duck Duck Goose Lets you evade attacks of opportunity. Huntsman 1
WarriorLoreGrenadeRange Slingshot Adds an extra 5m range to your granade throws.
WarriorLoreNaturalHealth Picture Of Health Grants +3% extra Vitality for every point of Warfare. Warfare 1
AttackOfOpportunity Opportunist Gives you the ability to perform atacks of opportunity.
Zombie Undead Lets you heal from poison, but regurlar healing will damage you instead. (+200% Poison Resistance; immune to Death Fog)
Unstable Unstable Makes you explode in a bloody cloud when you die, dealing 50% of your vitality as physical damage in a 3 meter radius.
Ambidextrous Ambidextrous Reduces the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1AP if your offhand is free.
Torturer Torturer Increases the duration of damage statuses caused by your skills and surfaces by 1 turn.
LivingArmor Living Armour Adds 35% of all healing you receive by skills and consumables to your Magic Armour.
Executioner Executioner Gives you 2 extra Action Points after dealing a killing blow. Warfare 1; incompatible with The Pawn.
DualWieldingDodging Parry Master Gives you 10% Dodging when dual wielding.
ResistDead Comeback Kid Once per combat, if an enemy lands a fatal blow, Comeback Kid will help you bounce back to life with 20% health. If you die and are resurrected in combat, Comeback Kid will be available again.
Memory Mnemonics Gives you 3 extra points in your Memory attribute.
NaturalConductor Natural Conductor Grants the Hasted Status when standing on electric surfaces.
Flanking Sidewinder Removes the Dodging penalty when flanked. Warfare 5 Works, yet status icon still shows.
Perfectionist Hothead While you are at maximum Vitality, Hothead grants you an extra 10% critical chance and 10% more accuracy.
ViolentMagic Savage Sortilege Gives all magical skills a critical chance equal to your critical chance score. (by default your critical chance is melee only, this talent allowes you to expand it on magical spells)
Human_Inventive Ingenious Gives you 2 bonus Initiative and +5% extra Critical Chance.
Human_Civil Thrifty Gives you +1 to Bartering.
Dwarf_Sneaking Dwarven Guile Gives you +1 in Sneaking.
Dwarf_Sturdy Sturdy Gives you +10% maximum Vitality and +5% Dodging.
Elf_CorpseEating Corpse Eater Lets you eat body parts to access the memories of the dead.
Elf_Lore Ancestral Knowledge Gives you +1 to Loremaster.
Lizard_Persuasion Spellsong You get +1 in Persuasion.
Lizard_Resistance Sophisticated Gives you +10% Fire Resistance and +10% Poison Resistance.
Quest_SpidersKiss_Str Spider Kiss Gives you -2 to Constitution and +2 to Strength.
Quest_SpidersKiss_Int Spider Kiss Gives you -2 to Constitution and +2 to Intelligence.
Quest_SpidersKiss_Per Spider Kiss Gives you -2 to Constitution and +2 to Wits.
Quest_SpidersKiss_Null Spider Kiss Gives you -2 to Constitution.
Quest_TradeSecrets Trade Secrets Gives you +1 to Bartering.
Quest_GhostTree Forest's Fortune Gives you +1 to Lucky Charm.
Quest_Rooted Rooted Gives you +3 Memory.


  • If comment field is empty and talent involves status or skill use I have not tested that talent in combat.

Additional commentaries are appreciated, as data is not complete. I hope that you find it helpful! :)

Side Note

Currently don't exist as The Divinity Engine 2 is not recognising them as talents.