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The Sidebar is a panel which shows and allows you to edit properties of the selected root and local template(s).

To use the Sidebar:

  1. Select a template, either a local template in your level or a root template in the Root Template Panel
  2. Open the Sidebar (View > Sidebar in the menu or Ctrl+B)


SidebarPanel StepByStep.png

The Sidebar with each component numbered

The Sidebar consists of the following components:

  1. Options
  2. Property Grid
  3. Description


SidebarPanel Options.png

The Sidebar options menu

The options menu has the following buttons:

  • Categorized
    Shows the properties of the selected template in their respective categories
  • Alphabetical
    Shows all properties in an alphabetically sorted list
  • Lock
  • Check out
    Moves the selected inherited template to your mod
  • Auto load multiselect
    Toggle to automatically show the property grid when multiple templates are selected

Property Grid

This article refers to the image linked under Components

The property grid shows all properties of the selected template and allows you to edit them.

To edit a property, click the value column of the property (the rightmost cell). Property editors can have text inputs, numerical inputs, toggles, dropdowns or custom editors. If a property has a custom editor, a button will show up on the right side of the value column ([..], see image below). Click this to open up the custom editor.

SidebarPanel CustomEditor.png

An item template property with a custom editor

When showing multiple selected templates, the value field will be empty if not all templates have the same value for this property.

Properties with a green background (see the image under Context Menu) are local template properties that differ from their root template. To reset a property back to its original value, right click the property and click "Reset".

Context Menu

SidebarPanel ContextMenu.png

The context menu when right clicking a property on the side bar panel

The Sidebar context menu has several options to make it easier to maintain properties across templates. From top to bottom, the context menu (see image) has the following options:

  • Reset
    Resets the property back to its original value (restores a lcoal template's property value back to the root template's property value)
  • Reset All...
    Resets all properties back to their original value
  • Select all entities with this property
  • Copy display string to clipboard
    Copies the displayed value to your clipboard (Ctrl+V to paste)
  • Copy string value to clipboard
    Copies the actual string value to your clipboard
  • Copy property data
    Copies the data of the selected property to your clipboard. This is useful for copying nonstandard properties, such as lists. Many properties with a custom editor can only be copy-pasted using this option.
  • Paste property data
    Pastes the property data copied by "Copy property data". This option is only available if data assignable to that property is copied to the clipboard.