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Full Definition(s)
  • PROC PROC_LoopEffect((STRING)_Effect, (GUIDSTRING)_Source, (STRING)_ID, (STRING)_Region, (STRING)_BoneName)

Plays the looping effect _Effect on the bone _BoneName of _Source. If _BoneName is set to an empty string, the loop effect will be attached to the root of _Source.

The effect will only be played if the player is in the level _Region. If the effect should be played in any region (e.g. cause the loop effect is attached to the player itself), the region must be set to "__ANY__".

The _ID is used to stop the loop effect through PROC_StopLoopEffect.

  • This is a wrapper around the Osiris call PlayLoopEffect. It takes care of starting/stopping loop effects when entering or leaving regions, and when saving/loading games (ongoing looping effects are not saved/restored by the game engine).
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