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Full Definition(s)
  • DB_HasStoryEvent((ITEMGUID)_Item,(STRING)_HasItemEvent)

Defining this database will result in the character/object flag _HasItemEvent to be set on a character while _Item is in its inventory.

  • This is useful to check in a dialog whether a character actually still has an item before you give it to a player. Note that you should perform the check and give action on the same dialog node, as otherwise the item could still be pick-pocketed in between the check and the transfer
  • Usually, you will want to check this flag at the party level instead of character level, so that players don't have to transfer the item to a particular character's inventory before they can hand it over to an NPC. DB_GiveItemToEvent will automatically get it from the right party member (called "magic pockets").
  • This call only works for item instances. Use DB_HasTemplateItem in case you want to check whether a character has any item instance of a particular root template.
  • See the notes for ItemAddedToCharacter for an important caveat.
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