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Full Definition(s)
  • call TransformSurface((GUIDSTRING)_Source, (STRING)_TransformType, (STRING)_TransformLayer, (REAL)_Radius, (REAL)_Lifetime, (GUIDSTRING)_Owner, (REAL)_GrowTime)
  • Subject the surface in the _TransformLayer at the location of the _Source to _TransformType, out to a distance of _Radius metres where applicable. The lifetime and owner of the resulting surface are given by _Lifetime and _Owner.
  • _TransformType must be of the following:
    • Ignite: Ignites oil, poison.
    • Bless: Blesses.
    • Purify: Removes Blessed & Cursed.
    • Curse: Curses.
    • Electrify: Electrifies water and blood
    • Melt: Melts frozen water and blood.
    • Freeze: Freezes water and blood.
    • Condense: Turns a cloud into a ground-layer surface.
    • Vaporize: Turns a ground-layer surface into a cloud.
    • Bloodify: Turns water into blood.
    • Contaminate: Turns water and blood into poison.
  • _TransformLayer must be one of the following:
    • Ground: the transform affects surfaces on the ground.
    • Cloud: the transform affects clouds
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