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Full Definition(s)
  • call ShowError((CHARACTER)_character, (STRING)_error)

Shows an error message to the user controlling the provided _character.

  • The accepted error types are the following errors:
Error Message
CannotReach Can't reach
CannotUseLadders Can't climb
CannotInteract Can't use
FullyEncumbered Can't move: Encumbered
Crippled Can't move: Crippled
Enwebbed Can't move: Enwebbed
Entangled Can't move: Entangled
ZeroSpeed Movement Speed is 0.
NotEnoughAP Not enough AP
InvalidTarget Target is invalid
TooFar Target is too far
TooHeavy Target is too heavy
OutOfSight Target is out of sight
LadderBlocked Ladder is blocked
Polymorphed You cannot do this in your current form!
Disarmed Character is disarmed
CantSee Can't see!
NotEnoughSpace Not enough space!
NotEnoughStrength Not enough strength!
TargetBlocked Target is blocked!