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Full Definition(s)
  • call ItemSetStoryItem((ITEMGUID)_Item, (INTEGER)_Bool)

Sets or clears the story item flag on an item. When an item is a story item, the following special behaviours apply to it:

  • it cannot be marked as wares, nor can any container that contains it be marked as wares, nor can it be added to the wares when picking it up
  • it is marked as a quest item in the UI
  • it cannot be traded to an NPC, and NPCs won't sell it either
  • NPCs will never consume the item (e.g. in combat)
  • When a trader NPC dies, its inventory will normally be culled except for the top five most expensive items. Story items, however, will never be deleted in this process.
  • It changes the alignment of the item to "Story", which is always forced to be neutral to all other alignments. This forced alignment change will be removed in future games, but not in DOS2
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