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Full Definition(s)
  • query GetAngleTo([in](REAL)_x0, [in](REAL)_z0, [in](REAL)_x1, [in](REAL)_z1, [out](INTEGER)_Angle)

Returns the angle around the Y-axis between two points in degrees.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Always succeeds.
  • _Angle: The angle between (_x0, _z0) and (_x1, _z1) around the Y-axis relative to the X-axis.
  • Unlike with GetRotation, the result of this call has no offset relative to the X-axis. I.e, an angle of 0 degrees points East.
  • Unlike with GetRotation, this angle increases when rotating in counter-clockwise direction.
  • The returned angle is in the interval [-180, 180].
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