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Full Definition(s)
  • call GenerateTreasure((ITEMGUID)_Item, (STRING)_TreasureID, (INTEGER)_Level, (CHARACTERGUID)_Character)

Generates treasure from the _TreasureID treasure table and puts the item(s) generated in the _Item's inventory.

  • If the _Level is greater than or equal to 0, it will be used to generate treasure.
  • If the _Level is less than 0, if the item is set (in the sidebar) to Use Party Level For Treasure, the highest level in the _Character 's party is used.
  • If the _Level is less than 0, and Use Party Level For Treasure is false, the item's Treasure Level setting is used.
  • If the Treasure Level setting is also less than 0, the level of the nearest character is used.
  • This adds the contents of the treasure to whatever is already inside the item's inventory. If it has a treasure table defined in the sidebar, it will get both. The treasure defined in the sidebar is generated whenever the first of the following occurs:
    • The item is destroyed
    • The item is used (e.g. opened)
    • The item is picked up
    • The item is unlocked
    • The item is moved
    • Something is added to the item's inventory (this can happen if an item is added e.g. through Story).
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