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Full Definition(s)
  • event GameModeStarted((STRING)_GameMode, (INTEGER)_IsEditorMode)

This is the second event that gets thrown when a new game is started.

  • _GameMode: The kind of game that was started. Possible values are:
    • Campaign: a regular adventure (like the main DOS2 game)
    • GameMaster: a game master session
    • Arena: an arena fight
  • _IsEditorMode: 1 if the game is running in the editor, 0 if not.
  • This even gets thrown right after the GameEventSet("_GameStarted") event.
  • At this point, no level or objects have been loaded yet, nor have any users been added to the game. Hence, do not reference any objects nor perform any calls that refer to players or users at this point.
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