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Full Definition(s)
  • event CharacterKilledBy((CHARACTERGUID)_Defender, (CHARACTERGUID)_AttackerOwner, (CHARACTERGUID)_Attacker)
  • Thrown when a character is killed by another character.
  • _Defender: The character that was killed.
  • _Attacker: The character that killed _Defender.
  • _AttackerOwner: The character that owns the _Attacker character.
  • _AttackerOwner can be the same character as _Attacker; _AttackOwner will be different in case of summoned characters.
  • The order of the _Attacker and _AttackerOwner parameters was originally inverted for this event (even tough the story header may say otherwise). This was fixed in DOS2 Patch 7 and later.
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