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Full Definition(s)
  • query CharacterCanFight([in](CHARACTERGUID)_Character, [out](INTEGER)_Bool)

Returns whether the _Character's CanFight property is set to True. Objects with the CanFight property on True can get turns in a combat's initiative order.

Return Values
  • Success/Failure: Fails if _Character does not exist.
  • _Bool: The character's CanFight property.
  • The CanFight property should not be confused with the CanJoinCombat property. An object with CanJoinCombat and CanFight both set to False won't join combat or ever behave in a turn-based manner. This means that if such an object is e.g. set on in fire by a character in a fight, their Burning status will tick in real-time. An object, in the same scenario, with CanJoinCombat set to True but CanFight set to False won't get a turn order but will have their Burning status tick at the end of a round. An object with CanJoinCombat and CanFight both set to True will enter the initiative order. Behaviour for CanJoinCombat False but CanFight True is undefined and should not be used.
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