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This is a list of frequently asked questions about using Game Master mode.

What is limit on party size? Can I have more than 4 players?

Player limit depends on the setting of the mod you are using. So far Divinity Engine 2 limits amount of player up to 4.

Can players re-roll their character? Can people join GM session on the-fly with their new characters?

Yes, you can press "Reroll Party" button in Game Menu (ESC button). After that whole party will be transferred to character creation where player will be able to change their characters and new players to join

I want to add scripts and setup routines for NPC in Game Master mode. Can I do that?

You can do that inside Divinity Engine 2 editor by writing appropriate scripts. But you won't be able to do it in Game Master mode directly because scripts can't offer a flexibility you will need to support all the players needs in table-top fashion and we encourage Game Master to not automate things for sake of better role play experience

Can I import music custom music? I want to add some voices to the characters or my own music into Mood panel

No, Divinity Engine 2 does not support music import

I want to create branched dialog! To give people a lot of choices to select from and consequences

You don't need special tool for that. You have Vignettes which allows you to create narrative and story with options to select. You can prepare some vignettes upfront if you know what will happen with your party, and select appropriate upon players choice, but since players are not bounded to choices available in vignettes - they can ask game master by voice whatever they need - you never will be able to cover ALL possibilities. Knowing this be ready to improvise and create vignettes on the fly.

Okay, but nothing here answers my question. Can I still get a help?

Sure! Here is a link to Game Master section on official forum. Ask you question there - we will be glad to help!