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ContentBrowser Overview.png


The Content browser is used to edit resources.

More info on how resources work can be found here: Resources explanation
A guide to creating your first resource can be found here: My first: Resource


ContentBrowser Toolbar.png

The toolbar

  1. Create new resource
  2. Dock preview panel
  3. Sort alphabetical
  4. Pin current selection
  5. Resource name/id filter
  6. Resource type filters
  7. Displayed/total resources
  8. Tools
  9. Help

Package Browser

ContentBrowser Browser.png

The package browser

  1. Create/delete folder
  2. Create/delete resource package

The package browser allows you to browse folders and resource packages. You can create or remove folders and packages to make it easier to navigate your custom resources.


ContentBrowser Resources.png

All available resources

The resources view shows all resources in the currently selected package or folder that are not filtered out.

The view shows the most important properties of the resource, such as the name, the type, the guid and the file path. The "Custom" properties show additional important information for that resource type.