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Custom alignments are not supported in GM mode

This is a guide about how the alignment editor behaves. To know how alignments and relations work, read Modding:_Relationships_and_Alignments.

To edit alignments you can use our new Alignment Manager tool.

1. Load the Mod you want to edit alignments.lsx in. You can edit the alignment file of the current opened mod and mods the current mod is depending on.

2. Open the tool:


3. The tool has three main tabs: to edit Alignments, Entities and Relations. Next to each alignment, entity or relation, you can see the mod in which it is defined.



Alignments tab



Entities tab



Relations tab

4. To Add you hit Add button. The alignment, entity or relation will be added to the current mod.

5. To edit existing you double click on the entry.

6. To delete - select the entry and press Delete on the keyboard.

7. Hit File/Save to save

8. Alignments.lsx will be checked out when the first change is made. You still need manually check it into the P4.

When editing or deleting an alignment, entity, the entities and relations in underlying mods will also be affected. If you, for example, delete an alignment in an above mod, entities and relations of that alignment that are defined in the above mod or in the current mod will also be deleted.