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The root template panel provides an overview of all the root templates in the loaded active mod and it's loaded dependencies.
You can use this panel to create new root templates. You can also use existing ones and create local template instances of them in a level.

More info on how templates work can be found here: Templates explanation
A guide on how to create your first root template can be found here: My first: Root template



The toolbar

  1. Save/load
  2. Create new
  3. Track selection
  4. Show/hide only current project entries
  5. Sidebar
  6. Text filter
  7. Type filter
  8. Help button



You can group items into filter folders

Entries can be dragged in to a filter folder to organize them and provide a better overview of the root templates.
New filters can be created via the context menu.



All available entries

This simply shows all the entries according to the active filters.
Blue entries are the ones that reside in the current (active) project.