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While most of the game can be accessed through the editor, a few features remain outside of the editor. To access these, you'll need to extract the game files. You can do this using lslib v1.11.0 found here. Refer to Larian forums for latest news and updates on the extractor here.

After downloading this tool, open it, and go to the "PAK / LSV Tools" tab. Select .pak file in your game data folder (usually SteamApps/common/Divinity Original Sin 2/Data), and a location to extract it to (not into the game data folder itself.) Most pertinent information will be found in Shared.pak. If extracting Shared.pak, it's a good idea to also extract the Patch pak files, in the order of lowest to highest, into the same folder as you extracted Shared.pak. For example, extract Shared.pak, then Patch.pak, then Patch2.pak, etc. Replace files if asked to do so.

If you're looking for character creation presets, you'll find them in Shared's extracted Mods/Shared/CharacterCreation folder. Stats that are not currently available in the editor are found in Public/Shared/Stats/Generated.

lslib v1.11.0