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<h2>Main Osiris API</h2>
<h2>Main Osiris API</h2>

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Main Osiris API


Events are a way for Osiris to inform script that something happened. All event parameters have [in] semantics.


Full definitions
  • event CharacterBlokedBy((CHARACTERGUID)_Defender, (CHARACTERGUID)_Attacker, (CHARACTERGUID)_AttackerOwner)

Thrown when a character blocks an attack from another character.


  • _Defender: The character that received/defended the attack.
  • _Attacker: The character that attacked the _Defender.
  • _AttackerOwner: The character that owns the _Attacker character.


  • _AttackerOwner can be the same character as _Attacker, _AttackOwner will be different in the case of summoned characters.