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Full Definition(s)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker3)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker3,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker4)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker3,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker4,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker5)
  • PROC Proc_StartDialog((INTEGER)_Automated,(STRING)_Dialog,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker1,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker2,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker3,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker4,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker5,(GUIDSTRING)_Speaker6)

This is the only routine that should be used to start dialogs. _Automated should be 1 if _Dialog is an automated dialog of any kind (automated dialog, automated ghost dialog, or a repeated variant of these). You have to specify as many speaker parameters as there are speakers in _Dialog. You can, however, specify NULL_00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 in case you have optional speakers for your dialog (through the use of optional nodes or flag checks).

Return Values
  • /
  • This routine is both used for explicitly starting dialogs from Osiris, and to start dialogs in response to a DialogStartRequested event due to a player clicking on something.
  • If you want to set or clear certain flags before a particular dialog starts, you can use Proc_DialogFlagSetup.
  • By default, this routine will make all participants of the dialog face each other before the dialog starts. This can be prevented per NPC by defining the DB_DoNotFace database. This is particularly important if you have e.g. a knocked-down NPC with which you want players to be able to converse. The reason is that any Osiris command issues for a character will remove any incapicated statuses for that character, and this includes looking at someone else. So without setting this DB, the knocked-down status will be removed as soon as someone talks to that NPC.
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